Custom Surgical Solutions.

Surgical Planning, Implants, and Models

MedCAD is committed to providing rapid, high quality customized surgical solutions. Excellent outcomes, innovative services, and implants are our passion. The industry is realizing the value of 3D model visualization coupled with surgical implants, making the AccuPlan Surgical Suite a critical player and the number one choice in surgical planning by many doctors. With dedicated R&D, MedCAD continues to grow alongside our strong model and implant segment. Our biomedical engineers, surgeons, entrepreneurial professionals work tirelessly to provide the ideal custom fit safely and rapidly, every time.

All Solutions 3D.

Premier 3D Solutions Provider & Digital Dentistry Specialists

SculptCAD is a premier reseller and solution provider specializing in dental CAD/CAM and 3D printing. Corporations engage SculptCAD for rapid manufacturing and 3D modeling equipment solutions, and with a growing trend towards CAD design business has continued to increase. SculptCAD is a product, hardware, and software reseller for industry giants Stratasys and 3Shape, while also providing niche digital dentistry services for labs, orthodontists and dentists.

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